David Vendrow

Email: davidv AT berkeley.edu

About Me

I'm a 4th-year Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at the University of California, Berkeley and an undergraduate researcher at the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab.
I'm advised by Stas Tiomkin and Prof. Pieter Abbeel.

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in reinforcement learning and intelligent control, as well as deep unsupervised learning. I'm currently working on information theoretic approaches to unsupervised robotic training with unknown dynamics.


CS 170 (Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems): Fall 2019 [Head TA], Spring 2019, Fall 2018
CS 70 (Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory): Summer 2018, Spring 2018

Some Class Projects

CS 189 (Machine Learning): Interpreting Video Classification Models
CS 270 (Graduate Algorithms): Spectral Sparsification